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In addition to our commitment to quality, a third party 2-5-10 warranty is covered by Traveler's Guarantee for every home built by COPA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION.

What is a "2 - 5 - 10" Warranty?

  • 1 year complete coverage for any defect in materials and labour
  • 2 year coverage for any defect in materials and labour supplied for the electrical and mechanical systems
  • 5 year coverage for water penetration defects
  • 10 year coverage for structural defects

We Are Here to Stay

We are very proud to be a licensed builder who provides exceptional quality and services to our customers. In working with our third party warranty provider, St. Paul Guarantee, we are sure that we can provide new homeowners with confidence in their new investment, while remaining committed in post-completion services and warranty.

Customer Services

Upon occupancy, our client will receive a “care of your home” manual provides guidance for how to properly maintain your home, service, product and warranty information, as well as emergency procedures and trade contractor contact list. All post construction service requests are to be handled promptly by Tony himself.


除了我们对质量的承诺与信守,每一间由Copa开发公司建造的房屋尚有由Traveler's Guarantee所提供的第三方2-5-10年担保。


  • 一年以内担保一切材料和人工上的缺陷
  • 两年以内担保机电系统的材料和人工上的缺陷
  • 五年以内担保漏水缺陷
  • 十年以内担保房屋结构上的缺陷。


我们以质量出众服务上乘的持牌建筑商为傲。与Traveler's Guarantee第三方担保联手,我们为住宅新客户奠定了信心,并一如既往地履行售后服务与担保的承诺。


我们的客户入住新居时将收到一本家居维护手册,其内容包括妥善做好家居设备维护保养的指引;有关服务机构的联系方式;紧急情况的处置步骤,以及担保信息等等。所有建筑完工之后的服务请求都将由Tony Liu 及时亲自处理。


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