About Copa Development Corporation

About Copa Development Corporation

COPA specialize in new luxury custom homes. COPA provide a full range of construction management services from assisting clients in land evaluation and architect selection to value engineering, construction site supervision, budget and schedule control and contract management.


Founded in 1983 by Tony Liu, COPA Development Corporation has successfully completed over two hundred projects, and has earned a reputation of being a premier builder of luxury residential projects. Tony began his career in construction after obtaining his degree in civil engineering from the University of Manitoba. After working several years for major construction companies in Western Canada, Tony was able to start his own business in residential and light commercial construction. Over the past 33 years, Tony has assembled a team of expert tradesmen who share his dedication in the pursuit of building excellence.


COPA provides a full range of project and construction management services from assisting clients in architect selection and permit approval to value engineering, construction site supervision, budget and schedule control and contract management. Exceptional customer services are provided by Tony Personally to each of our clients. Our company’s diligence and relatively boutique size have enabled us to furnish full attention and care to every detail from pre-construction to after occupancy services.


The quality we provide is not just a statement of product appearance. Our quality is the integrity of the total home environment, whether they are internal high tech wiring, secured building envelope, tight water proofing, and use of non-toxic material, proper ventilation or indoor air quality. Our clients will also expect quality in the process of building their homes. Besides an on time and on budget delivery, our professionalism, integrity and friendly service will ensure our clients a smooth and pleasant experience.




Tony Liu (刘作云) 于1983年创建,COPA Development Corporation(COPA开发建筑公司)已成功完成两百多个工程项目,并在建造豪华住宅方面取得了领先地位及赢得了良好信誉。Tony在获得加拿大Manitoba大学土木工程学位之后便开始了他的建筑行业的职业生涯。为加拿大的大型建筑公司工作数年之后,Tony开拓了自己的建筑公司并能够在豪华住宅建筑领域中巩固自己的地位。经过33年的历程和努力,Tony集成了一个由熟练技工组成的团队,与他们共同努力,追求卓越。


COPA提供全方位的项目和建筑管理服务,从协助客户选择设计师,报批建筑许可证到工程技术咨询,工地监督管理、预算和进度控制以及分包合同管理方面均提供服务。Tony 亲身为我们的每位客户提供卓越的顾客服务。我们公司的敬業精神和相对精干的结构使我们能够关注到每个细节,从建造前计划到完工入住后的服务均能周详照顾。


我们提供的质量不仅是在外观, 而且是住宅的整体完善性。我们的质量包括到房屋居住环境、内部高科技布线、监固防震的建筑结构、严密的防水措施、无毒材料的选用、室内通风与空气质素等诸多方面。 我们的客户还可期待房屋建造过程的质量。除了按时和按预算交工外,我们的专业精神、正直诚肯的态度以及亲切的服务将确保客户有一个顺利和愉快的建设家园经验。


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